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In cooperation with the ink and toner cartridge manufacturers, we have designed a multi-branded cartridges collection program. The goal is to relieve the end user by collecting all cartridges and other print consumables in one single collection box resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

Our Earth Matters (OEM)

We make it, we reuse it.

What do we offer?

At Circular Planet, we offer a comprehensive approach to printer consumables recycling. Our services encompass convenient collection and fulfillment, efficient sorting for reuse, meticulous quality inspection in the reuse process, and responsible recycling to close the loop on waste. We’re dedicated to creating a more sustainable future and reducing electronic waste for a circular planet



5 Star Recycling Service

Collection & Fullfilment

This project aims to collect print consumables for printer manufacturers by placing boxes where print consumables can be deposited. Circular Planet will be responsible for sending empty collection boxes. When the boxes are filled with print consumables, collection will be requested by the users of the program.


When the full collection boxes arrive at a Circular Planet distribution center, the contents are sorted. Items for reuse are sorted from those not eligible for reuse. The reusable items are then sent back to the manufacturer where they can be repurposed for reuse.


The sorting of cartridges is done based on several criteria. First, the item must be eligible for reuse. The manufacturer determines which items are eligible for reuse. Then a visual inspection is done by the operators to see if there are any defects in the product.


Unfortunately, not all items are eligible for reuse. Items that cannot be reused are sent to Close the Loop so that these items can be recycled. During recycling the items are completely dismantled so that all materials are separated from each other. These materials can then be reused as raw materials to make new high-quality products.

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